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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with B

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Barrois, Elone
Barrois, Francois
Barrois, George
Barrois, George P.
Barrois, John
Barrois, Lawrence
Barrois, Lenore
Barrois, Marie (Mary) Hermine
Barrois, Marie Clemence
Barrois, Mary
Barrois, Newton
Barrois, Octave , [1]
Barrois, Octave , [2]
Barrois, Octave
Barrois, Robert
Barrois, Thomas
Barrois, Thomas
Basil, Jean
Basil, Marguerite
Belgard, Keith
Belgard, Nicholas ('Kane')
Belgard, Ryan Keith
Bertoniere, Andrew
Bertoniere, Bradley
Bertoniere, Edward
Bertoniere, Robert
Bertoniere, Robert
Biais, Jeanne
Binder, Gerald
Binder, Lester William
Binder, Lester William , Jr.
Binder, Robert
Blasich, Lillian
Bourgeois, Dean Paul
Bourgeois, Kandi
Bowers, Viola Louise
Bubrig, Alice Agnes
Bufkin, Julius
Buras, Alice Marie
Buras, Amelian
Buras, Clement
Buras, Cyprien
Buras, Damien Clement
Buras, Elizabeth ('Lizzie')
Buras, Ellen Augusta
Buras, Elziere Cecilia
Buras, Faye Katherine
Buras, Huey P.
Buras, Jean Baptiste
Buras, Marie
Buras, Mary Alice
Buras, Matilda
Buras, Melasie
Buras, Mitchell Dale
Buras, Muriel Julia , (Twin)
Buras, Myles
Buras, Nathalie Agatha
Buras, Norbert Villere
Buras, Odessa Gail
Buras, Odile Leoda
Buras, Peter Clement
Buras, Peter Romere
Buras, Ray Earl
Buras, Ronald Pat
Buras, Rosalie ('Rosaline')
Buras, Theophile
Buras, Victoria Christine
Buras, Walter J.
Buras, Wilfred Gerald , (Twin)
Buras, Winifred Genevieve
Burat, Jean Guillaume
Burat, Jean Pierre
Burat, Joseph Guillaume (William)
Burat, Joseph Raphael
Burat, Marie Julienne ('Julie')
Burat, Sebastien

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